Energy Healing Therapy
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Healing Modalities & Benefits
                                                                       Energy Healing Therapy with Martin Davis     utilizes the following healing and transformational energy
modalities: Healing Touch, Healing Touch for Animals, Lovestream, Reiki, Gentle Wind Project, and Infinity-Forms of Yellow.

Using these systems, the body's energy systems are balanced and aligned while positively
affecting the physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual aspects of health. They complement and enhance traditional medical care and psychotherapy.

Benefits of Energy Healing Therapy

1. Alleviation or Eradication of Pain

2. Enhanced Immune System Functioning

3. Improved Sleep

4. Less need for pain medication and increased
    effectiveness of other medication

5. Promotion of Health and Well Being

6. Enhancement of Spiritual Development

7. Preparation for, and follow up after surgery
     other medical treatments

8 Energizing the body

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