Energy Healing Therapy
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"Marty's work is rejuvenating with a soothing sense of well being"  VC

"Each session with Marty is a powerful transformational experience"  CA

"One treatment was all that was necessary to relieve my shoulder pain and in such a blissful manner.  It sure beats a painful chiropractic adjustment."  MC

" As a healer myself, I appreciate the strength of Marty's treatments.  The support and growth toward optimal health is wonderful."  WC

"The session with Marty enabled healing and happiness to accelerate beyond my expectations."  GG

"Thank you for the healing work yesterday.  Today was the first day since my surgery that I actually felt like myself.  Now I feel much more clear and  balanced."  BA

Hi Marty! I'll write more later, but just could not wait to tell you how good I feel! I think you found the key to my sadness (being shut down) and I once again feel that I AM LOVE. My neck is also no longer all congested. I awakened feeling taller this morning, so measured my height. I had been 5'9" tall since college days, and in the past year have been measured at 5' 8 1/4", 5' 8 1/2", and after a long session with the chiropractor at 5' 8 3/4". Today, I am 5' 9" again. Yippee! I feel almost lighter than air! Thank you sooo much.   zb

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